Budia Design - Fabricación y Diseño de muebles tapizados exclusivos y de alta calidad. Especialistas en la técnica del capitoné.

Budia Design is a specialist in the art of capitoné completely handmade company.
We guarantee our more than 35 years of experience, making all kinds of projects and upholstered furniture.
They are made manually, which will never be two exactly identical so that your furniture will always be unique.
Everything is done in our facilities since the creation of the skeleton to packaging the final article.
always down to the smallest detail, with effort and dedication we offer our customers the best product with the best materials and crafted by the finest craftsmen.

We can make your imagination reality.

Since ancient craftsman combines utility with beauty, and utility but not just a decoration, to the delight of people.
As it is the CAPITONE, although is a technique that was born over 300 years ago and still a classic modern designs get merged with original furnishings and updated to new trends.
Aesthetics and quality are carried to the end of our work with great passion.

Our slogan is
when we are doing work for you.

All craft work step by step, piece by piece and manual mode, the only guarantee of quality in their work and therefore can be entered customizations throughout the same is done.

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